The bad ‘guys’ come out on Bonfire Night, sparking a 22% increase in burglaries

Analysis of 10 years’ worth of claims data reveals that the bad ‘guys’ come out on Bonfire Night, sparking a 22% increase in burglaries compared with a typical day.

The data also shows:

– Halloween is the worst day of the year for vandalism with claims for malicious damage to homes soaring by 160% – and Bonfire Night is the second worst.

– Fire claims are 60% higher on Bonfire Night, and a typical house fire can cause about £12,800 of damage.

– Car crime increases, with a 20% rise in motor thefts on both Halloween and Bonfire Night.

– And car accidents rise on average by 20% in the week when the clocks go back.

– And electronic items are the most likely to be stolen, with laptops, smart phones and tablets top of the thieves wish list.



Research also shows that a large number of people don’t check their doors and windows are locked when hosting or attending parties. 13% leave their front door unlocked when they’re having their own display and two-thirds don’t check their windows are locked, giving burglars easy access to their home.  And 33% of those that attend fireworks parties don’t check their windows are locked.

Simon Warsop, chief underwriting officer at Aviva, said:

“We have more burglary claims on Bonfire night than any day of the year. Many families will be out enjoying the spectacle, but the distractions of loud fireworks gives opportunistic thieves the chance to steal from homes – especially if doors and windows are left unlocked.

“Many people leave doors open when having a party and others don’t always check their house is properly locked when they go out to enjoy some fireworks fun.  With more burglars on the prowl, this could lead to an unforgettable fireworks night for all the wrong reasons.

“And with fire claims and vandalism also increasing during this period, stay vigilant and safe while enjoying the bonfire and Halloween festivities.”


Top tips for beating burglars…

  1. Give the impression that someone is home by leaving the radio on a talk-back station and a few lights on.
  2. Use a timer switch to ensure your lights will come on as it goes dark and use eco-bulbs to save money on bills.
  3. Avoid telling strangers who know your address, such as delivery men or salespeople, that your house is likely to be empty at any particular time.
  4. Don’t leave any valuables in your car. If belongings are too big to carry, make sure to conceal them well, take them with you or leave them at home, safely out of sight.
  5. If you’re holding a party at home, avoid leaving a sign on your front door telling guests to meet you in the garden or ‘come in around the back’.
  6. Make sure all front doors and windows are locked.
  7. Try not to have the music too loud if you’re having a party – burglars might think that makes your house an easy target.
  8. Put the car or bikes in the garage or out of the way for the night and don’t leave your keys in an obvious place.
  9. Use all the locks and bolts on your doors – they’re there for a reason!

Don’t put spare keys in obvious places like under the doormat or a flower pot.

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