A guide to Credit Insurance

With the uncertainty of trade now and in the next few years, Credit Insurance should be a serious consideration around many board meetings. A real stress will be put upon the cashflow of a number of companies up and down the UK, due to fluctuating prices and the uncertainty with the UK leaving the European [...]

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What Happens After a Major Incident?

We all know that the modern business environment is highly competitive. If you are unfortunate enough to suffer a major incident or interruption then it will be a challenge for you to continue to satisfy your clients and remain in business. A key factor to a business recovering quickly from a major disaster such as [...]

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Credit Insurance

Challenges for food and drink companies When assessing credit risk in the food and drink sector, creditors need to understand the challenges that companies face. Retailers continue to place enormous price pressure on their suppliers, which has a consequent impact upon the supply chain. Combined with this, external issues continue to challenge their ability to [...]

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Insurance Premium on the Increase

Insurance Premiums on the Increase On Monday 27th February 2017, Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State of Justice, Liz Truss, announced that those affected by medical negligence, car crashes and other incidents will receive more money following changes to the way lump sum pay-outs are calculated. This has triggered predictions by insurance experts that premiums [...]

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How much liability is enough?

HOW MUCH LIABILITY IS ENOUGH? The cost of a serious injury or third party property damage for which you are found liable could be more than you think. Damages for personal injury claims have increased significantly in recent years. For example, in the case of Collier v. Norton, 2012, a record GBP23 million was awarded [...]

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