Storm Names

A-Z of UK Storm names... What name would you pick? Here are the UK’s official storm names, which will see us through winter as announced by the MET office. A-Z of UK storm names 2018/19 Ali Bronagh Callum Deirdre Erik Freya Gareth Hannah Idris Jane Kevin Lily Max Niamh Oliver Peggy Ross Saoirse Tristan Violet [...]


Non Negligent Liability (6.5.1)

Arranging insurance where you have not been negligent may seem rather unusual, but depending on the type of Contract you are undertaking and as the property owner, you may need to arrange this insurance. A standard Public Liability Insurance policy will only indemnify the Insured Party (usually the Contractor) against damage to third party property [...]


Manage small fleet risk

Managing small fleet risk The Health and Safety Executive estimates one-third of all road accidents involve an at-work driver, which means it’s never been more important to ensure your vehicles are safe and your drivers are safety-conscious; options to help you manage your small fleet risks include: Telematics: Simple smartphone apps are available for small [...]


Export market for SME’s

Export market opens up for SMEs The UK is a major global exporter and importer, but despite global demand, latest HMRC statistics reveal that for the last two years exports have remained flat whilst imports have grown steadily. This offers great opportunities for SMEs looking to enter the export market, but it makes sense to [...]

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