Summer is now sadly coming to an end and protecting your business is just as important now as any other time of year. This makes it a great time to consider how you can take reasonable precautions to protect your business against the common issues of this season and upcoming Autumn and Winter.

Our risk management bulletin has been designed to help you increase your risk management awareness to protect your business.

This edition focuses on;

  • simple risk assessment advice specifically for the season
  • seeing how equipped you are
  • understanding how well prepared you are to face challenges. Protecting your business can be done in just a few effortless steps and we’re here to help you. We’d love to know what you think of this risk management bulletin and what topics you’d like to see covered in the future.


Is your business exposed to the threat of arson? With 46% of insurance fire claims attributed to arson, this is a significant issue and one that needs to be considered as part of your overall fire strategy.

Arson really is a threat that can affect any business. Any fire has the potential to spread endangering equipment, stock, people and property. Even fires started in remote, outlying areas having the potential to affect working operations for example if they cut off access to roads or the rest of your business.

The level of risk exposure can be reduced by focusing efforts on these following key areas:

  • managing external storage and managing waste
  • identifying potential vulnerable areas in your site’s security arrangements, such as vacant buildings and damaged fencing
  • regular inspections of your premises.



Smoke Contamination

The after effects of arson or any fire can be seen in the form of smoke contamination. Smoke damage if left can cause corrosion and discolouration not to mention the lingering odour.

The repercussions for a business can be significant.

Even small fires can be very smoky and this can have a significant effect on:

  • fixtures, floor coverings, wall coverings and ceiling tiles
  • floor and ceiling voids and associated data and power systems
  • electrical fittings, electrical contacts and switchgear
  • IT equipment
  • Any products or packing materials in your supply chain, finished goods, raw materials and in process stock.

Because smoke is transmitted so easily and is detectable as an odour at low concentrations, the area covered by the damage of such an incident can be significantly higher than expected and the affected business can be compromised for much longer

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