Cyber Insurance

Unlike health care and financial services organizations who regularly handle personal information, some professional services providers like engineers have been slower to adopt cyber insurance policies, assuming their risk is fairly limited. But, any business that relies on computer systems to generate or store business-critical information can have a very real exposure to cyber risks [...]

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Are you ready for a cyber attack

Are you ready for a Cyber-Attack? Cyber threat is one of the most significant risks facing UK businesses and is on the increase. Government figures in 2015 revealed 81% of large businesses and 60% of small businesses had suffered a cyber security breach. Cyber claims statistics from 2013 - 2016 show cyber extortion and ransomware [...]

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Cyber Liability

Cyber Liability In the Internet-dominated business arena we have found ourselves in, most companies retain more sensitive information than ever on their computers. But a worrying low number of small businesses have invested in cyber liability insurance to combat the potentially devastating effects of a cyber-attack. In fact, many small business owners are unaware of [...]

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