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4 Steps To A Healthier Workplace For A Small Business

Aches, pains and illness for employees can all affect productivity for businesses. For a small and medium-sized Enterprise (SME), it only takes as little as one person to be off sick for it to potentially have an impact on your profits (for example missing a meeting with a potential new client because of illness). Not [...]

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Which Commercial Buildings Are Most Likely To Be Underinsured?

Almost three-quarters of commercial buildings with sums insured of £500,000 or less are underinsured, according to new data from rebuildcostassessment.com. Analysis of the findings of almost 4,000 rebuild cost assessments carried out by Insurtech start-up rebuildcostassessment.com also revealed that while underinsurance becomes less likely as sums insured increase, the overall picture is one of the [...]

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Should VAT Be Included In Rebuild Costs?

Introduction One of life’s great unanswered questions: Should VAT be included in rebuild costs? Are we alone in the universe? Who shot JFK? Is time travel possible? Why do flammable and inflammable mean the same thing? And how come you never see the headline ‘Psychic Wins Lottery’? These are just some of life’s great unanswered [...]

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