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Analysis of the findings of almost 4,000 rebuild cost assessments carried out by Insurtech start up RebuildCostASSESSMENT. com also revealed that while underinsurance becomes less likely as sums insured increase, the overall picture is one of widespread inadequacy of cover.

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Business Interruption

The most recent (2017) survey of Declaration Linked Business Interruption insurance by the Chartered Institute of Loss Adjusters (CILA) highlighted the ongoing concerns of underinsurance in Business Interruption (BI) claims.  The latest survey, the fourth in nine years, identified that 47.5% of BI policies were arranged on a declaration linked basis and that 44% of [...]

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A Guide to Credit Insurance

With the uncertainty of trade now and in the next few years, Credit Insurance should be a serious consideration around many board meetings. Real stress will be put upon the cash flow of a number of companies up and down the UK, due to fluctuating prices and the uncertainty with the UK leaving the European [...]

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Cyber Insurance

Unlike health care and financial services organizations who regularly handle personal information, some professional services providers like engineers have been slower to adopt cyber insurance policies, assuming their risk is fairly limited. But, any business that relies on computer systems to generate or store business-critical information can have a very real exposure to cyber risks [...]

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Non Negligent Liability (6.5.1)

Arranging insurance where you have not been negligent may seem rather unusual, but depending on the type of Contract you are undertaking and as the property owner, you may need to arrange this insurance. A standard Public Liability Insurance policy will only indemnify the Insured Party (usually the Contractor) against damage to third party property [...]

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4 Steps To A Healthier Workplace For A Small Business

Aches, pains and illness for employees can all affect productivity for businesses. For a small and medium-sized Enterprise (SME), it only takes as little as one person to be off sick for it to potentially have an impact on your profits (for example missing a meeting with a potential new client because of illness). Not [...]

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