Liability It has been a difficulty for some years in deciding who was an employee. The HSE has recently issued guidelines 1 that they would use in judging whether a worker was an employee and the Revenue & Customs have issued more extensive guidelines. The latter publication is aimed more at ensuring the correct taxation [...]

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Do you have enough Liability?

Businesses face a new under-insurance risk… Following on from post on July 2nd 2015 and the Recent changes to the Ogden Discount Rate you will see personal injury claimants receiving larger lump sums. As a result, businesses need to review their current indemnity limits on Public Liability cover, or risk being under-insured. The following example [...]

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What Happens After a Major Incident?

We all know that the modern business environment is highly competitive. If you are unfortunate enough to suffer a major incident or interruption then it will be a challenge for you to continue to satisfy your clients and remain in business. A key factor to a business recovering quickly from a major disaster such as [...]

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How much liability is enough?

HOW MUCH LIABILITY IS ENOUGH? The cost of a serious injury or third party property damage for which you are found liable could be more than you think. Damages for personal injury claims have increased significantly in recent years. For example, in the case of Collier v. Norton, 2012, a record GBP23 million was awarded [...]

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